Monday, August 21, 2006

Alvinisms 155, Lotsa pics...Grand Canyon now, Battle of the Year later


-Theme song of the Wildboy and 3 Hot Chicks Road Trip to Arizona

Fact of the day: Its costs a lot of money to ride a damn mule in the Grand Canyon, like $140, but I didn't look at other places. It was sort of a spontaneous urge to hop on a donkey/horse hybrid. There's another did you know. Did you know: A mule is a mix of a donkey and horse.

Thought of the day: WHAT A FRIGGIN WEEKEND MAN!!!! So this weekend started with Thursday night when we left around 1 in morning to drive to the Grand Canyon. But guess what!?! I finish the Vegas Video and am about to post that shizz on youtube so keep you're eye out! The Grand Canyon was sick beyond words so I'll let the pics speak for themselves.

This picture is so emo. But it was sooo beautiful and breathtaking out there that you can't help it.

Pit stops are the best part of road trips. The gas here was only $2.85!
See, I told yah!!! Do you remember when gas only cost a dollar something. *tear....

Yes, we are drinking at the Grand Canyon. There will be more pics to come.

Drinking in Flagstaff was ridiculously fun, and who knew that Pita Philly Cheesesteaks Burritos were just as good if not better than a Carne Asada Burrito...wait, I can't believe I just said that!...But it was really good.

The drive to Sedona is super fun, if you don't get carsick, and beautiful...Imagine the ride to Bear Mountain plus a stream alongside, beautiful cliffs and trees. Sedona is hot but crazy cool. Wish the rides weren't so dang expensive.

Road trips a sick.

When we got back it didn't end for me cuz on Sunday, Fatch, Rockferd and I went to Battle of the Year in Hollywood and watched as I believe Knucklehead Zoo won it. I'll get into it later. This Alvinism is long enough.

There will be a grip of pics to look at and the video to look forward to so keep on a readin suckas!!!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz and Mavyn

These are pics from Rose's bday at Harrahs aka baby Vegas. It was fun. Ollie is the man, read on and see how it went down.

"Could this be love, let me bite my bottom lip and see if it turns you on," thought Ollie.
"Oooohhh, he's doing the grab the back of my neck bite my lip trick, he's so dreamy right now," thought Rose.

"YESSS! The grab the back of her neck and bite my bottom lip trick is working!" thought Ollie.
"OMG, is the really gonna happen!?! Let me look away from that sexy stare and think about this one," thought Rose.

"But my tongue is still out, can i get a taste? Maybe some heavy petting!?! SHIZZZ!!!! So close, next time I'll just get her Henny on the Rocks instead that weaky Kamikaze."

Import models. Ha!

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