Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Alvinisms 115

"We must become the change we want to see in the world."


Did you know: America is not the only country with a 4th of July! <-This is actually a trick statement, because every country has a 4th of July, we just celebrate it as our independence day! Congratulations America! We are all fat! Thought of the day: Damnit! I tell myself every time that I go to club not to get super drunk cuz I always end up making a fool out of myself. Its okay because I always have fun doing it! Last night I think I tried battling Dee and Fredo from Urban FX, what am I thinking? I dunno, its fun just going off. Anyhow, I think Imma practice my headspins today. Okay, have a safe 4th of July you party animals. TJ tacos anyone? Peace. Love. Faith. -Alvinisms p.s. Kimtan was the man of the night though!
This is during one of TM's bootcamps where we'd stretch for a really long time. Or I just liked having everyone do the spread eagle.

These are some TMers getting ready to do our dress rehearsal for our Bustagroove award winning "Work" routine.

Nellie, Top10, Zooks, and Bay Bay from above.

This is a roofshot of some SIers and TMers because the studio is too full. I miss you guys and love you guys!


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