Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Alvinisms 87

Hi hi hiya this is the 87th of the many "Alvinisms" which are cool quotes, random facts, or just thoughts of the moment everyday. Check up on the Wildboyz website also because they are on there too under the Chronicles section so you can read old ones! Sign the guestbook please and show the Wildboyz some oo la la. Peace. Love. Faith.

"My heart, which is so full to overflowing, has often been solaced and refreshed by music when sick and weary."

-Martin Luthor

Did you know: Goldfish remember better in cold water than in warm water. (Don't ask me who or how someone knows that)

Thought of the day: Damnit, I am so sore because we had the greatest Memorial day yesterday. I wanna thank Mario, Jeff, and Clara of Mavyn for stayin in Daygo for taking the day off to chill with the WBZ, I hope ya'll had fun. We had a bbq and Willy's house where we ate and drank a lot while a bunch of us were skating the halfpipe (my first time back on a board since my injury). Then we played softball where our team made the other team forfeit. We hit over 12 homeruns! (KJ, Jeff, Donny, Erwin, Mario, Toe-Knee, Althea, Alvin, and Christian = the best team!) There were a grip of us playing and watching and drinking beer at the park the whole day. After they gave up, we even played kickball (dayam, haven't done that since elementary) and went back to Willy's for more skating, eating, and watching movies.

Oh what a day, I wanna say Happy Belated Anniversary to Willy and Shalihe and can't wait for the party of year!

Thank you for everyone who came out to my grad and HOB again, party till we throw up and get naked! We must repeat ASAP!

Ya'll be surprised with the stuff we be coming out with at Body Rock, dancers get the first priority so make sure you hit up you're ambassador for the stuff cuz ya'll might get a deal. I've been thinking if I should put pics of the new shizz or not in my Alvinisms, hmmm....what do you think? That's all for now. Peace. Love. Faith.

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Buy this album by Gnarls Barkley. I'm no music connoisseur (damn, thats a dope word) but this album has a different sound than the rest.
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Its a mash between DJ Dangermouse and Cee-Lo


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breakdownmw said...

yes..... i am going to get this album soon.. i downloaded a couple of their songs.. i labb 'em.