Sunday, September 25, 2011

Alvinisms 1303

"People always call it luck when you've acted more sensibly than they have."

-Anne Tyler (1941 - )

Thought of the day: I've put off posting this Alvinism because there were just too many photos to go through from different people. In the end I just used ones from mine pretty much.

Some folks don't wanna go, some don't care, some are excited for it, some just wanna see how it goes. Our 10 year reunion was sick. Even old teachers came out that don't come out for other classes. Honestly, we had a very tight class. The Swamp N****s, the surfers, the jocks, the gangstas, ASB, the racers, the cheerleaders, the band, etc etc etc. We all kicked it, we all were interconnected so when it came time to come back together after 10 years, it wasn't awkward. It was awesome! So awesome we're planning on doing it (on a smaller scale) every year. And we're glad to actually reconnect w/ friends that we haven't seen in years.

 Food for thought:  
Cheesy grilled jalapeno poppers stuffed with bacon, roasted garlic, chevre, cream cheese and cheddar. I saw the picture and thought, "eh?" Then I read what was in there and thought, "I need right now."

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Last second tune up before seeing folks we haven't seen in 10 years.

16 stories up at the Se Hotel can give you vertigo.

That's our pool.

And that's our TV in the mirror. WTF?

Ollie have been friends since 4th grade (18 years) and by that I mean best of friends.

Welcome to our refrigerator.

Let the night begin.

Some of the WGZ ready for the night.

Pool at night.

I thought it was a giant scarf. Turns out it was just a blanket.

I am here and ready to black out.

Fred Dogg, Rosie and TJ.

My football girlies Rhoda and Britney.

I loved seeing all of you.

Off roading?

Mesa Verde in the house. Ellen, Nessa and Robs.

Everyone loves a Wildgirl.

It's like a school dance photo.

Sara and Vanessa took care of our class.

For the longest time I had trouble pronouncing Oy's name so I called her Cheryl cuz I thought she looked like a Cheryl.

My favorite teacher! Mrs. Hughes!

We don't know how got away with some of the things we did but we were great students and always got it done.

Deanna and Misty.

Ron Ron aka DJ Mr. Mention.

RawDawgs 4 life. My football mentor Steve.

Amanda, Freddy and JC.

Donette and I but I used to call her Brooke Burke.

Jen wasn't in our class, she was bartending though and it's always a pleasure to see her. We gotta catch up soon.

Ted and Andrew aka Peanut.

Britney is one of the all around nicest people I know.

Nikki has always been a sweetheart. I'm blacked out by now and ended up taking like 15 pictures w/ her and Diana. Hahaha.

Desirae was my liaison to the "plantation" or the "swamps." 

If you're in Dallas you can listen to out MC Football Tight End and my homie Jose.

Diana and Aaron.

Love these girls.
Now we're at the Ivy and defs don't remember any of the rest of the night.

Apparently everyone had a great time. Wish I remembered it.

Taylor and I. Thanks for organizing the reunion. You and Toes did great!

Robyn of CAREVJ.

Congratulations Crystal!

The Rubster.

MCHS football w/ Fred, Andy and myself.

Walk back to the suite.

Eric has always been the man.

Same goes to Toes.

There are photos from Jenny, Ollie, Razo the photographer of the night. Sorry, too many to go through.

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