Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alvinisms 1228

"Be a fountain, not a drain."

-Rex Hudler

Did you know: The name piano is an abbreviation of Cristofori's original name for the instrument: piano et forte or soft and loud.

Thought of the day: I'm booked for Portland!!!

Food for thought:

Caramelized sea scallops in a lemony white wine pan sauce.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Hahaha, I felt like a little kid about to leave the house to go play in the yard when I wrote this.

Following Angie's suggestion of Two Boots Pizza Steve and I hit it up for lunch.

Bahaha, Steve and Ian don't wake up till like afternoon but since I'm around they gotta drag themselves outta bed.

Cheap, fun, and.....

DELICIOUS!!! Say hello to the Bayou Beast: BBQ shrimp, crawfish, andouille sausage, jalapenos and mozzarella. Prolly one of my favorite slices of pizza in my life.

And I got a Rossellini Stromboli: sopressata and mushrooms. Look at all the cheese oozing out!

The is wonderfully random mural.

Free jukebox.

Amen to that.

Before heading back Steve showed me this spot where he had to shoot a music video.

Hello Dodger stadium. Please don't beat up anymore people. That's not cool at all.

One man's junk is another man's treasure.

It's like DTLA is everywhere.

This is one of those pictures that can't do justice of what happened. I went w/ Chachee to an audition and got to see the non-tourist side of Hollywood; the business, ambition, hopes and dreams side. We got some good laughs and good catch up time while waiting though.

Soooo sorry Frees! I made the mistake of not looking at the website right and Frees came over so we could hit up a food truck gathering. Lo and behold it was on Monday and Wednesdays. So we went down the street to The Park.

Some sort of black bean soup w/ creme fraiche. After watching Insidious this picture looks creepy w/ Frees' reflection.

Some strange but pretty good salad.

I got chicken, Frees got tofu, we both thought they were yums! Ooo la la, seems like a fancy schmancy dinner w/ the Freezers.

Holy crap, this dessert was the best! Really tried to eat it slowly. Shoot, we even tried to gameplan how to take another one.

Deidara face...but w/ a strawberry!

We failed at Portos but we wanted more sweets so down the street we found this jem.

I believe this is their chocolate almond butter ice cream. We didn't realize this was a vegan spot till like halfway through eating.

Now this, I don't remember but it was pretty and we wanted to eat it. Bahaha. Frees and I prolly spent about 3-4 hours just eating and chopping it up. Perfect.

Echo Park is a strange area. It's like half hipsters half vatos locos.

Finally my roommates are home! Haha, thanks for housing me for the next few days ya'll. Hiya Angie, Mark and Toe-Knee.

Yes, I am a heffer. We went out for more food late night. And it was well worth it. Damn, I'm still trying to work off all the food I ate this week.

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