Thursday, November 04, 2010

Alvinisms 1155

"Dancing is dreaming w/ your feet."


Did you know: The first ballet dancer to dance en pointe was Marie Taglioni in the ballet La Sylphide in 1832.

Thought of the day: Normally this fact would mean nothing to me except that fact that I used to dance in high school and college. But my two little sisters (Nellie and Kleng/Jhinelle and Wobz) were both jazz dancers and did dance en pointe when they were younger makes it stand out to me. I miss you two.

Food for thought:

Hanger steak w/ horseradish peppercorn demi glace & whipped truffle sweet potatoes.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Halloween in Del Sur.

I know I know, I'm late w/ this one right? Sorry I got busy.

I spy free beer in the distance.

Rock climbing at my park? Sweet!

And free food!

Sammy's turn on this trampoline/bungee thing.

She loves it, with a little boost of my dad.

Big girl Reinah's turn.

You're never to old to love flying.


That's the sun Sam, don't look right into it!?! Hahaha.

It is pretty though.

Free horse and carriage rides around my neighborhood. WTH?

Free food, bounce houses, trampoline/bungee, free beer, carriage rides, rock climbing, constests, what else can there be?

Oh hell, free pony rides.

Girls will be girls.

She really is a princess in the picture.

Churros guy was popular!

Just plain happy.

You broke it! Hahahahaha.

Baby butt sticking out.

Middle name "Trouble". JK.

So this is where some of our HOA money goes.

Don't bet against me on an eating constest.

But Reinah will learn the ways and may beat me one day.

When I'm dead....Hahaha. Love you!

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