Saturday, September 11, 2010

Alvinisms 1126

"Take the attitude of a student, never be too big to ask questions, never know too much to learn something new."

-Og Mandino (1923 - 1996)

Did you know: There are 60,000 miles (97,000 km) in blood vessels in every human.

Thought of the day: FOOTBALL SEASON IS BACK! That's all that matters right now.

Food for thought:

Spicy chile con carne & cheese omelet.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Who doesn't shoot guns when they're on vacation?

I spy Illis.

Shoot em up.

Why not keep random activities going w/ archery?

This is Pablo. He became our best friend.

This is the result of just bring tip money around. Swimming and then drying it on the table.

Giant lizards everywhere.

Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, whenever. They always had great food for us.

Our residence.

Break from the swimming, eating, sun and humidity.

Dinner time! Tonight's menu: Japanese!

First ones in, ready to dig in.

More half cross-eyed pictures. Kampai!

I want it all.

And they let me have it.

Seriously, they gave me all the extra food. Arigato!

Chichen Itza fried rice sculpture.

It wouldn't be teppan yaki w/out the onion volcano.

Was it too much food? Yeah, but who cares! All you gotta do is tip!

Way more shrimp than most teppan yaki grills.

Fried ice cream to top it off.

And why not, they let me have more of the extra desserts.

Beautiful pools everywhere and anytime.

Speedy Gonzales and his doppelganger.

Where's your picture w/ him Ang?

I'm a little too dark by now to make this picture fit. But Angela on the other hand fits perfect!

I spy a baby head.

If you don't know, I love chess. And I collect chess sets from places I go. Here's my addition from Chichen Itza.

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