Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Alvinisms 1008

"I am not dumb now."

-Helen Keller's first full spoken sentence.

Did you know: The first Akita dog in the United States was sent to Helen Keller from Japan in 1938.

Thought of the day: Helen Keller's quote is pretty inspiring to me in a couple ways. The first is that she learned how to make sounds without even hearing them! Just feeling the throat, tongue, nose, breath, etc. she figured out how to express herself something seemingly unfathomable. That's just bananas in pajamas. Imagine trying to describe a color to blind person; she conquered what people thought was impossible.

Now if you're wondering why she chose these words as her first sentence. Well, she felt people now matter how famous, smart, proven she is and was would always see and treat her as "handicapped" or "dumb". So when she beat all the odds, she spoke "I am not dumb now" like a big slap to the face of all naysayers and cynics.

*note from Vince. "Dumb" in this context was probably used as in lack of speech rather than lack of intelligence. Ah yes, I guess in my simple mind I failed to look beyond my current and common understanding of the word. Thanks Vince!

Helen Keller has been and is one of my heroes.

Food for thought:

These cupcake burgers look legit!

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Ooooooo, what's in the mail?

4 way chess set! Uber nerdo status, but it's crazy! I guess you have to be chess fanatic to understand.

And 30+ year old LIFE magazine w/ Bobby Fischer on the cover. The elusive chess genius who was partially cookoo (for lack of a better word).

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pretty sure that quote is using the word 'dumb' in the old sense of not being able to speak. not 'dumb' as in stupid.