Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Alvinisms 1005

"The best way to escape from a problem is to solve it."

-Alan Saporta

Did you know: Helen Keller rubbed shoulders w/ the likes of Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie and Presidents of the United States.

Thought of the day: I dunno about you but I love this weather. Hmmm...Seattle bound? Anyway, San Diego really doesn't have seasons. We got summer and then we got kinda cold. Other than that its few and far between. So this extreme (rain and wind together!?! in SD!?!) is quite welcome in my book.

Food for thought:

Oh shnaps Josephine, this simple cider chorizo and onions looks 5 kinds of delicious.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Look at the Wildgirlz slaving away at our dinner.

Thank you so much for preparing an amazing meal. I love all of you.

Mmmm, and they had hella extra blue cheese still. Yeah i took some of it home.

I'm not that big on steak but I ate far more than my share.

I don't think there is a vegetarian in our group.

Our lovely chefs (left to right): Jenny, Verna, Rhoda, Suze, Josephine, Ellen, Rose, and Cecile.

One end of the table.

Can we all be serious for a minute to pray!?! Hahaha!

Ron and TJ didn't plan this but they look like they busted out of jail.

Patty Pat and Suze excited to finally eat.

Josephine you are a wonderful cook and person! Thanks for letting us reap the benefits!

Carlin and Freezers all the way from LA.

Jenny came up...then she got jacked.

Look at how excited Toe-Knee is!

Freddy you look confused.

Cile had the most awesome box.

It's an alligator with teeth!

Puff the imaginary you fill in the blanks.

Haha, Cile doesn't smoke.

Ron's giant Tootsie Roll.

Hookah time! Not in the house dummy!

We pretty much got what we wanted. I came up on some new Arnette shades and Willys' own Tech Deck. Collection!

Need I say more.

Wildboyz and Wildgirlz 4 life.

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