Monday, September 07, 2009

Alvinisms 924

"Never compare your inside with somebody else's outside."

-Hugh Macleod

Did you know: The lion used in the MGM logo killed it's trainer the day after it was filmed.

Thought of the day: My biggest fear is deep water and since we got sidetracked and headed to Catalina instead of Cabo I said, "Eff it, Imma conquer this" and went w/ Na and Jason. All of us were a little nervous at first be once we were under. We never wanted to come up. So tight.

Food for thought: See below.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I was so happy to be back to land that I...I dunno felt compelled to do this.

Steak sandwich breakfast delivered to me.

Heaven shining down.

Jeanine, Me, Christine, Lorena, and Brandy set for land.

That's the balla estates.

Good bye Elation.

So glad I found ya'll so we can do this!!!

Look we saw on the way. Hi John and Beks! Hi 26!

The casino that isn't a casino.

It's bigger than I thought.

Back from Mexico and on American soil.

Descanso Beach has the best Ahi Tuna sandwich, mems Preez?

I am here.

About to scuba dive!

Asian girl pose and smile!

That's hot.

Pretend you're under water!

You're a ninja!

You're from Troy!

Ahhh yes, the best thing to eat on Catalina.

Good bye land and back to the Elation.

Juli got one of those heart attack apples...I mean delicious!

Damn, I did get dark.

TGPM family!

One of my favorite pictures of the cruise.

David and Goliath.

Allan aka Chimney.

Ahhh, another sunset on the Pacific.

Did someone say "BOAT?"

Fix yo fro.

Chillin in the Piano Bar.

BTW, Bryan is a pro skater.

Sign my Sunday shirt...

Sign my cruise line schedule...

Sign my face!!! Hahaha!

She wasn't havin it.

After this I apparently passed out on Beks lap in the room.

I wish I took pictures like these.

Ready to go back to Mexico aka Ensenada.

This is where you'll find me.

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