Sunday, August 23, 2009

Alvinisms 915

"Be prepared to control whatever personality awakes in you each day."

-Anonymous (Thanks whoever left me a comment w/ this)

Did you know: I running out of "did you knows" and just might get rid of this.

Thought of the day: Never forget your rash guard if you're gonna be bodyboarding for over an hour. My nipples were on fire man!

Food for thought:

Summer = Watermelon

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

We went on a field trip to the library.

Won't post pictures of my kiddos.

But they are awesome!

Libraries are fun. We should visit them more often. Oh, and bring back arcades.

Oh my, is that a payphone?

It might just be their first time using one.

Back at school Mr. Allan showed off his awesome shoes.

Free running toe shoes.

Kids toys are so cool nowadays.

and colorful.

But I still get to play w/ the toys!

One month left to get your look down.

Come and git it.

I wonder if I'll be back in Cabo for the festivities.

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