Monday, August 17, 2009

Alvinisms 907

"Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought."

-Henri Bergson (1859 - 1941)

Did you know: The actual meaning of the word "turkey" is "cock from calicut".

Thought of the day: Cabo is in 2 weeks and I'm starting to think I should've started saving earlier. Sheeeet! Water and beer for me!

Food for thought:

Oreo cream centers removed and melted into a dip.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Friday night was spent in Mission Beach.

A ghost that looks like me.
One of Allan and I new favorite burger joints.

Laurel pouring me on of their amazing bellinis.

We're like day and night yet very alike.

Yvette was a savior that night.

Malia and Evan helped me figure the green shit!

The Black & Blue is one of top 3 burgers of all time.

Me, Lindsey, Feta, and Yvette.

Dunno what's going on here.

Sorry for shoving those tater tots in your mouth! Let the photshoot begin!

This is how I'll always remember you.

Ha! Yeah right!

The, "Quick, pretend you just got caught master debating" pose.

The "Aye, ma. You lik what you see?" pose.

The "Abercrombie" pose.

Fets all snuggled up w/ Drew.

I love my work: Brandy, Cheryl, Nazare, Malia, and Christine.

You should stayed longer mama!

I get hugs too!

Who's hungry?

Haha face Julz. I love the new haircut BTW.

You remind me of Leeloo in "The Fifth Element". I heart Mila Jovovich.


There are those awesome smiles.....

.....and then there's that face again.

Room 1's never gonna be the same.

Forgot to zip it up.

Mallory is as close to Kelly Kapowski as it gets. Eye candy.

Why are you so tall Drew!?!

We trapped one in the car. Can't post the rest of the photos.

We're roommates for Cabo!

Big Brother is watching.

But the night was not over yet so off to Garnett for more drinks.

In my head I'm an awesome salsa dancer after like 8 beers.

Last stop and last pitcher. Thanks for the ride Yvette and thanks for the place to stay Ang. You both are the best!

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