Monday, May 18, 2009

Alvinisms 816

"Jack en poy, hali hali hoy, sino ang matalo, siya ang unggoy!"

-Filipino paper-rock-scissors

Did you know:

Thought of the day: In America we call it "paper, rock, scissors", in Japan the call it "Jan Ken Pon", in the Philippines it called "Jack En Poy" but the rest of it means "the one who loses is a monkey." Hahaha! I thought it was funny.

Food for thought:

I must say, for a PC this is pretty nice.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Oh what!?! The Mira Mesa shop rats were in the PQ house.

Sorry boys, the park is still closed. Enjoy a whole gallon of Orange Crush to yourselves.

I went to visit my parents on the way home and this is what I saw.

And this is for you Meghan! I got more random things in the mail!

I bought the Mary Poppins soundtrack on record. Mwahaha!

Yo Ron, Mike, or Julz can you spin this at HOB this weekend?

I got to spend Friday night w/ Elainne and her siblings at her place in Del Sur instead of Onyx/Thin (sorry Toes). I miss the neighborhood.
Cuz in the morning it was bright and early for breakfast and working on the ramp. Chocolate soy milk and Honey Bunch of Oats w/ vanilla soy milk. Yums.

Junior aka Baby Alvinism (yes I still call him that. haha) came along for quality control.

When all was salvaged we pushed around the skeleton a little.


El Ranchito has the best flautas. Thanks kids for treating the big kids out!

Just look at her eyes.....creepy.

Ollie you know how dank it is.

The van didn't start out come the automobile umbilical cords. Then of to Suzette's graduation party! Pictures tomorrow.

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Linda said...

Koreans call it Kai Bai Bo!