Sunday, March 01, 2009

Alvinisms 744

"Never read a book through merely because you have begun it."

-John Witherspoon (1723 - 1794)

Did you know: I lost my camera in New Orleans.

Thought of the day: Yes you read it right. I lost my camera. And no. It wasn't my SLR. Thank God. So I've lost a bunch of pictures that I was supposed to post as well as the ones I took from New Orleans when we went out. Luckily 3 others brought cammies so I can use those. But I'm still bummed about losing 2 Adult Emporium pictures and some goodies. But I'll draw them and post em so at least I'll remember!

Food for thought:

Look at the circled part. Misprint or not?

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Authentic and one of a kind. That's how WBZ roll.

Have you ever kissed a rabbit between it's ears? Mwahaha.

George came from a wedding that's why he's dressed.

Salt N...Salt N...SALT N PEPPA'S HERE! (Check out my rad letterman worn by Rae Rae)

So are you guys gonna try and top Fatch and I's costume every year? Game on!

Viets: Toe-Knee, Ving, and Kimtan

Nice hole. No homo. You'll see why this happened later.

I effin love this picture. Willy's Workshop's finest.

Wildgirlz rollin deep and colorful as hell.

I wonder if Willy is ever gonna wear those pants again.


Slick Rick in the hizzouse! Check out the pendant I made.

Why in the jungle? Why? It's okay. I still likes.

Joe and Cindy ready to break it down. Watch out for hookers in your new place!

Hellooo SuperGalacticBeatManipulators. Thanks for always letting us crash your rehearsals.

The Real Wildboyz.

Ollie aka Orrie and TJ aka Te Jota trying hard to be hard.

Freddy's scary! He packin heat son!

Willys Workshop employees pic. Hmm, they all look like Wildboyz & Girlz pretty much plus a few.

And this is why TK split his pants. We were doing a splits competition. High five!

4 LIFE!!!

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