Friday, February 13, 2009

Alvinisms 731

"If suffer we must, let's suffer on the heights."

-Victor Hugo

Did you know: I officially have the oldest car of all the Wildboyz.

Thought of the day: For the first time I really went shopping and just bought a bunch of stuff I kinda quazi needed. I was looking at my bank account and thought to myself, "Damn, I still got a lot of money left!" Then I realized that I didn't pay rent yet. FAAAAATTTCCHH!!!!!

Pictures for JR's birthday to come soon. I haven't thrown up after drinking in maybe like 8 months to a year. Hot damn! Good times w/ the best friends. Happy day off nuckas!

Food for thought:

America...we are heffers.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

I thought the movie was pretty radical. Others say different. Go rent it and judge for yourself.

Nuff said.

One day Joe, Steven, Fel and Cindy came by Willys PQ right after Cindy got her wisdom teeth taken out. Smile! You look like a puffer fish!

Reminds me of Toes when he got his out. Check out his hair though!

Don't you love productive days? One thing I noticed that is always present when I'm productive is music.

I got lots of stories about my truck. Did you ever notice there's a missing section of the stripe on my truck?

That's what it's supposed to look like.

And yup that's my frame popping out from an off-roading accident.

The bumper was rubbing my wheel so instead of punching it out I just cut it and for the past 10 years it's been like that. Mind you I used a Swiss Army knife in the dirt to do this.

When my dad came home one day and saw I cut off my own exhaust to install my new Gibson exhaust he was hella mad!

But taking care of your own car makes it feel even more like your own.

Hello workstation.

Not many people tend to or even like to look under here. I think it's friggin cool.

My dad helped me install my K&N Filter Charger. This is what it looked like before I recharged it.

Ah!!!! So that's what it looks like once its cleaned and oiled. Sugoi.

After the maintenance I went to North County Fair to visit Krissy. Thanks for the discount ma! Lets catch up more often!

And what was supposed to be a Target trip for bags and goodies for my kids ended up being a splurge for me too. But it's sick!

Read the fine print. Yes it is totally awesome.

The day was full of errands and productivity. So to clear the mind exercise the body, it was off to Danceology to session. Breakdancing is so much damn fun.

This is a completely random video. I dunno why I recorded it but whatever it tripped us out.


chrisc said...

haha thats a trip.

mikey said...
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jomo said...

seriously, that plant is freaking weird. JRs face is hilarious.