Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alvinisms 699

"It takes just as much strength to handle the good things that happen to you as the bad."

-Unknown (I got this from Ollie's blog)

Did you know: Mosquito repellents don't repel. They hide you. The spray blocks the mosquito's sensors so they don't know you're there.

Thought of the day: In the past 3 weeks I've probably only been home about 6 nights. Ho well, that just means I have awesome people surrounding me. Thank you friends!

Food for thought:

One thing that Japan trumps Egypt on is food. Kobe beef for life!!! $100 a plate and its totally worth it.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

Nuff said.

Laid back Egyptian life.

You don't see this on the streets of San Diego...TJ maybe.

We went to Coptic Cairo which is where the Christian side of Cairo is. Hence the crosses.

Check out all the crazy cameras this guy had. Vintage!
Hella old school

Showing the kids some love. "Pen! Pen!"

I once read a poster that said, "We all smile in the same color." Very true.

It totally was like Aladdin w/ the tarps hanging overhead.

Inside the church. Mom would be proud.


My point of view.

Its hard to describe how awesome this place was. It had all these underground passageways that we couldn't get to.

Can you imagine all the stuff that went on down there?

This is a scene straight out of "The Exorcist" or something. It was beautiful and creepy at the same time.

This picture reminds me of Aladdin's "One Jump" song.


On the road! We're going to Luxor tonight!

Rich's fisheye caught some awesome photos.

Pussy follows us wherever we go.
We had nowhere to go so we just wandered the city. You should've seen the pleasure on their faces.

This kid kept trying bike tricks for us.
Pictures like this make me think that there is so much going on in the world in different places and in different perspectives. Wrap your brain around that.

One thing everyone likes is a good picture of themselves.

This is the picture of the trip. Hahahaha!
We went to the wrong train station but lucky after a lot of running like the amazing race we made it to our station w/ some time to kill.

TK waiting for the money shot.

Still waiting.

But damn. It was worth it. Good shit Toes.

We really were the Wanderers.

I miss Egypt now.

First class train madness!

I don't think I was supposed to be up there but we bought the guy a beer and we did whatever we wanted!

Overnight train to Luxor, party in our rooms!

Dinner was pretty good. It had fish, beef, veggies, bread, fruits, and I forgot what else. It was a good experience.

Next stop, LUXOR!!! Not Las Vegas.


chrisc said...

nice pics man. the one of the railroad tracks in particular.

alvin44222 said...

Thanks, is this Chris Cate?

chrisc said...

castillo. blog reader extraordinaire.

alvin44222 said...

hahaha! dude, i found the best trails, but they're uber gnarly. downhill and jumps.