Sunday, June 29, 2008

Alvinisms 545

"Living involves tearing up one rough draft after another."


Did you know: When the military say, "HUA!!!" It means, "Heard, understood, and acknowledged." Thanks Leo!

Thought of the day: Oh my God, July is joy overload! First of all I get my bonus from my job, Vince comes back, I'm going to Santa Barbara for Mario and Clara's wedding, Jojo's wine tasting bday, more days off work, more

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

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Here's TK's and I's entry, Suze is laughing too hard to do it. Hahahahahaa!

And Pacquiao continues to dominate the world!

These are the long haired freaks of the Shop. Chris F., Taylor and Christian V.

I have to stop posting pics of food cuz I eat everytime after.

After work we went to hit some golf balls, but why waste a perfect opportunity for a sports buzz.

Don't you wanna whack it? Yeah, that's right. Whack it.

Swing batter batter batter batter batter! Swing!

The pro...wears Vans.

Jenny and her cankle pants. She didn't want me to take a picture of them.

Happy Birthday Dez!

Three's company. Who wants to be the third in this manage eh twa?

We be clubbin!

We always take this same photo Jenny.

That's a whole lotta teeth!

Gelly's like, "yeah, he got the moves." Glenn is like, "guess where my hand is."

Mark is giving the thumbs up but it looks more like he's playing video games.

Brodder and sistar love. Bret are you gonna smack her?

Maha showing me some mahal.

Both you guys are fizzaded!!! Ryan came into the Shop the next day after the Jake Peavy signing at 7 in morning. Warrior!

The Growing Place rules!!! What the Kimtan lurker!

Outside is crackin!

Shannon and Glen catching a breath of air.

Jenny Jen and Redmond. It looks like Red's hands are just sticking out of his body

Julz looks mad!!!! My face says, "don't be mad at me!"

Jojo and Jason

Jason and I were best friends in elementary and middle school. Now he's an MMA fighter and bouncer at Thin. Lets kick some ass!

Gelly is always looking for a camera to smile at! Ha!

Lovelyn lovin the glass.

Smash that!

Big bros and lil sissys. Good random ass night out! Thanks Hahas!

Who's ready for some fun like this...

Oh shit son! WBZ Vegas Tour Round 2!!!

Hmmm, is that Jenny and Jamie?....

Plus, we're going skydiving...IN VEGAS!!!

August 8th weekend. Be there or be boring.

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