Thursday, May 15, 2008

Alvinisms 509

"What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals."

-Zig Ziglar

Did you know: The new frontman for Journey is Filipino. Born, raised and discovered.

Thought of the day: Hmmm...The wind has blown me in another direction. Nothing bad but definitely something unexpected. Wednesday night usually means get ish done and and see what's up for the weekend but it almost turned into the weekend starting a day early.

Kimtan, Jen, Amerikiss (sp?) and I went to Mik Sok Chon on Wednesday night and threw down some yogurt soju and another flavored one and sang some karaoke in the middle of the week. But since Thursday turned out just fine, maybe the weekend can start super early! Emmm.....maybe not so much all the time though.

I went to Black Mountain Bikes w/ TK today and I ended up choosing a new bike and having them build it up for me. Then we got back to his house and made more plans like going to London and plans for June 1st, MTV Movie awards, here we come! Washington DC in November, here we come! Egypt for Fatcho and I, here we come!!! I'm so excited! Plus Journey is coming to SD and for some reason I wanna go watch!!!

Yeah, I should be putting my money into my own place or a new car but you live once and I would like to travel and take this time to enjoy what the world has to offer before I get burdened w/ a huge thing like that.

Friday equals Hooters, Cast removal party, and Sin. LET THE FUN BEGIN!!! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Al-vin-ism of the Wildboyz and 101

This is the bike I'm getting but in a different color. TK's cast comes off so he's gonna come back out in the dirt too!
These are LaDainian's shoe and since the WBZ will be regathering the team and gathering all stars I figured it was time to hang up the old ones and move on up to some newbies! Excited! Team INFANT SORROW!!!

New shop deck is out and its a size 8. Gonna buy a new set up too.

I guess that stimulus package the gov't gave us is stimulating me!

Gelly and I had a night skate session Tuesday night. Here she is mid kick turn.

She looks like her own shirt. Who does that!?! Style points!

Hmm. A flashlight. Nighttime. No skateboard. What happened?

Yup, down the drain. Major deep breath and ho hum time. J/K. More like adventure time!

At least it wasn't wet down there. I spy Birdhouse wheels.

Not wet, but full of cobwebs! Shizzzz!!!!!

Can't be panzy here!

One arm climb. I hate spiderwebs! Bleh!


The face of guilt. Hahaha. No worries ma. Skate session Saturday right? One before you go, that's the spirit.


Jerel said...

haha gelen is a nub...we went to the park and she fell on her ass trying to ollie!

Anonymous said...

whatever. unlike some people i don't end up bleeding at every sport i do. so HA :P

Jerel said...

thats cause ur not hardcore like i am! no pain, no gain!

Anonymous said...

...but there was no gain. you never completed that updown!

Jerel said...

i gained more than you know...deep down in my heart! no one can take that away from me! no one!!!

thats was just mean =/

Anonymous said...

i totally just LOL'd