Friday, December 22, 2006

Alvinisms 229

" The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other. "

-Burton Hillis

Did you know: Today is the WBZ 9th annual Xmas party and we're gonna get super jacked!!! I love you guys!

Thought of the day: Last night I was in Chula Vista all night w/ my nieces and family. Though it was super tiring flipping Reinah in the air, playing spy, having disco parties, and going up and down the was all so good and can't wait for Xmas with them.

The WBZ video is coming along great, ya'll may catch it on youtube in a couple days or weeks after we edit it to make sure its clean enough. But for 2 nights and a days of filming and an all nighter by Orrie and TK, its the bomb shizzle!!!

Still gotta catch up on some of the pictures so sorry for the wait! Enjoy and have a safe and Merry Christmas!!! Time to party, WBZ Style!!! I can't stop thinking of how much fun tonight is gonna be!!! Peace. Love. Faith.

-Alvinism of the Wildboyz

-my house

Preez got me an awesome cookies n cream birthday cake. Sugoi!!! Ni ju yon!!!

We were gonna eat at Seau's but it was closed for a private party so we ate a Gordon Beirsch (dunno how to spell it). I mus say that it was a great decision cuz they got some super dank and different foods!!! Oishi!!!

And once we got into Dave and Buster's the drinking began. Okawari kudasai!!!

This is my best friend Eddie, I've known him since preschool. He might go to Japan in March w/ some friends. If the Chargers win the Superbowl, I might go...yippee!!! But first comes paying back money, saving and the jizzob!!!

Many drinks with the first 15-20 mins. Soo full of food and beer.

Thas my main squeeze being straddled by Cile, we've seen this before. Maybe we'll see it again at the Xmas party! Everyone get drunky drunks!!!

Jojobean and Preezy Preez, happy smiles!!!

Thank you to everyone for coming out on a one day's notice. If you can see me reaching out, its cuz Preezy is taking the picture and I"m telling her to come in.

KJ is the Wildboyz Chiropractor. True story.

Sekimoto is an infielder for the Hanshin Tigers. I'm racing a lumberjack chick.

Chris is smashing Allan w/ a sugar daddy. I spy some dope Circas. you remember in middle or high school and couples would walk around like this? The duck walk!!!

Vincent-san...Paigey-san!!! Eat your heart out suckas!!! I've now reached a new level of charms! This may be one of the largest cell phone charms in America and maybe Japan! Vince you beter still have that axe sucka!!!

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